5 Ways to Handle Bad Tenants in San Bernardino

It can be emotionally draining to have a tenant who has turned out to be significantly less stellar than the references you checked and the facts on their application that lead you to accept them into your home.

When confronted with such a challenging situation, having a handbook that provides you with options and steps you can take to reduce stress for everyone is beneficial. So, keep reading to learn about five techniques to deal with problematic tenants in San Bernardino.


Suppose eviction is your first option for dealing with bad tenants in San Bernardino; pause for a moment to think about what they’ve done before taking action. While it may appear that evicting a tenant with a bad attitude is a better option than dealing with them all the time, this is a far cry from being the type of tenant who requires such legal action. For example, have they defaulted on their rent without good reason, or have they engaged in illegal or disruptive activity on the premises?

Understanding Attitude

When dealing with terrible tenants in San Bernardino, it’s amazing how much an understanding attitude may help. While your investment properties are a business with rules and regulations that you expect your tenants to follow, it is sometimes important to stand back and be human. Unforeseen circumstances can bring out the worst in even the best of us all, so weigh all considerations and consider breaking a rule or two if it helps maintain a good tenant in place.


While occasionally breaching the rules may benefit you, you cannot give the impression that you’ve gotten lax or that there are no restrictions against late payments. In San Bernardino, bad tenants have a habit of demanding a mile when you only planned to provide an inch. As a result, individuals may develop a practice of paying late. While you can afford to be tolerant when someone can’t pay rent in an emergency, your tenants just not having rent isn’t a sufficient explanation and, if it happens frequently, can wreck your finances.


When dealing with undesirable tenants in San Bernardino, keep written, video, or photographic records of every interaction. Keep any security tapes that may be relevant to the situation as well. Lastly, retain any estimates or invoices for the work if repairs are required.

Hire Professional Property Managers

If you engage expert property managers, you won’t have to worry about collecting rent or dealing with unpleasant tenants in San Bernardino. When you engage with property managers, their finely tuned interview talents and screening procedures, as well as their immense network of industry professionals, help to keep bad tenants away from your home. Furthermore, experienced property managers, like those at California House Buyers , have teams on-call who can handle every aspect of rental properties, from inspections to maintenance, single-family homes to big complexes, and just about everything else.

Why not hire the experienced professionals at California House Buyers and allow them to handle your problematic tenants in San Bernardino and assist you in avoiding them in the future? When you have a reliable property manager, like those at California House Buyers , looking after your investments, you can truly start to enjoy your passive income. Our experts at California House Buyers stay on top of the market and forthcoming changes, keeping you informed so that your portfolio remains healthy and strong. Are you ready to enjoy your golden years and the financial freedom you’ve achieved through your investments? Why don’t you contact California House Buyers ‘s reputable property management team and leave the property management to us to handle?

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